La petite couturière by Jules Breton - 22 x 16 7/8 inches Signed and dated 1858 19th century french realist genre interior peasant sewing
Jules Breton
(1827 - 1906)

La petite couturière

Signed and dated 1858
Oil on canvas
22 x 16 7/8 inches

The Seamstress was originally exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1859 and was purchased by the National Lottery Commission for ff1500 on April 20, 1859. The painting, according to Professor Gabriel P. Weisberg, is a very unusual work as single figure compositions, set in an interior, were very rare in Breton's entire work. It is an intimate study of his young wife performing a traditional activity. The painting establishes the theme of the simple dignity of family life as being essential for Breton even early on in his career.

Professor Weisberg first encountered the work in the collection of Pasteur Bertrand, Paris where he kept it in his simple apartment. Hence, he appreciated the simple truths of the work and the piety of the figure was important to him. [In addition] the painting was singled out by members of the Second Empire administration for use in a public ceremony because, to them, the painting also extolled the virtues of a pious existence where family was valued above everything else.

M. Tesse, Nîmes (possibly acquired through the National Lottery at the Salon of 1859, ff1500)
Pasteur Bertrand, Paris
Private Collector
Myron Kunin, Minneapolis, MN
Rehs Galleries, Inc., New York City
Private collection

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