Pyrrhic Victory by Jason Brady - 18 1/2 x 23 inches Signed ani art academies academic mythology american
Jason Brady
B. 1989

Pyrrhic Victory

Charcoal and pastel on paper
18 1/2 x 23 inches

The Nike of Samothrace was created in honor of the Greek goddess of Victory during the 2nd century BC. She is considered to be the greatest masterpiece of Hellenistic sculpture. The fallen goddess now lies broken in shambles, a fragment of what she once was; though her beauty still remains, perhaps even elevated by the tragedy of defeat. Upon her broken wing, a man sits in virasana, hero’s pose, agonizing over the sight of her remains. The journey that led him to behold this vision has taken its toll. The hyperkyphotic curve of his spine embodies his self-defeating tendencies that prevent him from realizing his true heroic potential. Perhaps this man is agonizing over the fall of the classics or maybe a love turned to stone.

Jason Brady

Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City

11th International ARC Salon - Finalist, Drawing Category