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    Q: Why do I paint what I paint?

    A: Hmmm, I guess I liken my themes to a clearing out of the loft or maybe a garage sale, a convergence of "mind garbage" collected over many years daydreaming.

    Q: Are there any details that have an important significance in Britannia revisited

    A: Yes, the Union Jack/flag and the Triumph motorcycle were once symbols of an industrious and thriving British empire.The monkey in the Britannia attire marks the devolution of these symbols and an ending of an era, for better or worse!

    Q: What do you hope the viewer takes away from your work

    A: A lighter wallet would be good...In all seriousness though, if the viewer walks away and remembers the painting weeks/months or years later then I couldn't ask for more.

    Q: What is your dream project?

    A: As a young man I used to dream of my drawings/ paintings adorning the album covers of my favourite rock bands, I remember sending stuff to Thin Lizzy etc when I was around 13/14 years old...to no avail though.  Album covers were also a big inspiration for me starting out, holding artists Roger Dean, Jim FitzPTrick, Frazetta and Vallejo in high esteem.

    Q: If you can see your work hanging in one museum/collection which would it be?

    A: I don't mind really where my works hang, as long as the owners enjoy it and still get a kick from it.

    BIOGRAPHY - Sharon Hourigan B. 1957

    Sharon Hourigan recalls that, as a child, she loved to draw, paint and color and throughout her adolescence, loved visiting galleries and museums.   Although Sharon did not receive fine art instruction or training during her formal education, her Bachelors degree in Marketing and her subsequent role as Mom to her two children eventually lead her to an artist apprenticeship.

    While Sharon’s children were pursuing an education in the performing arts Sharon was recruited as Chairperson for the local arts council in her county.  Inspired by local artists as well as the passion exhibited by her children for their craft, Sharon was motivated to find a local artist willing to offer her instruction in Representational Art.  Her inquiries lead her to an introduction to Anthony Waichulis, internationally renowned Trompe L’oeil painter.  Sharon was accepted into The Waichulis Studio apprenticeship program in 2009 and later continued her studies with the Ani Art Academies Waichulis in Bear Creek, Pennsylvania, where essential fundamentals of draftsmanship, anatomy of form, elements of perception, and various methods of Representational painting are taught.

    Sharon’s drawings have received numerous awards and recognition including Finalist in the Southwest Artist Magazine’s 20 Over 30 International Competion in 2010, Finalist in the Art Renewal Center International Salon Competion for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, Finalist in the American Women Artists Online Exhibit 2013, and Finalist in the Art Kudos Online International Competition 2013.

    Sharon has participated in several gallery exhibits which include the Capturing Realism Biannual Exhibits 2009, 2011, 2013, Pauly Friedman Art Gallery, Misericordia University in Dallas, Pennsylvania, Mainstreet Galleries “New Season-New Works”, Kingston, Pennsylvania and The Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc “The Big Gamble”, New York, New York, 2013.

    A collection of her work can be found at Mainstreet Galleries, Kingston, Pennsylvania and in private collections.



    Sharon Hourigan - B. 1957


    Oil on board

    12 1/2 x 8 inches