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    Q: Why do I paint what I paint?

    A: Hmmm, I guess I liken my themes to a clearing out of the loft or maybe a garage sale, a convergence of "mind garbage" collected over many years daydreaming.

    Q: Are there any details that have an important significance in Britannia revisited

    A: Yes, the Union Jack/flag and the Triumph motorcycle were once symbols of an industrious and thriving British empire.The monkey in the Britannia attire marks the devolution of these symbols and an ending of an era, for better or worse!

    Q: What do you hope the viewer takes away from your work

    A: A lighter wallet would be good...In all seriousness though, if the viewer walks away and remembers the painting weeks/months or years later then I couldn't ask for more.

    Q: What is your dream project?

    A: As a young man I used to dream of my drawings/ paintings adorning the album covers of my favourite rock bands, I remember sending stuff to Thin Lizzy etc when I was around 13/14 years old...to no avail though.  Album covers were also a big inspiration for me starting out, holding artists Roger Dean, Jim FitzPTrick, Frazetta and Vallejo in high esteem.

    Q: If you can see your work hanging in one museum/collection which would it be?

    A: I don't mind really where my works hang, as long as the owners enjoy it and still get a kick from it.

    BIOGRAPHY - Camie Salaz B. 1977

    Camie Isabella Salaz, born 1977, pursues the art of figure painting in the classical tradition, where meaning, story telling and symbolism are readily found. She began her technical training at the age of 16 and completed it in New York City under Classical Painter Jacob Collins ten years later.


    Salaz began her career in NYC at 27, when her interests led to the study of narrative and symbolism in painting. Salaz has always admired the great works of art that inspire her to question her life, her time, her loves. In her works of art, she aspires to remember the humanity of the great Naturalists painters, the passion and devotion of the Romantics and the meaning and symbolism gifted to us by the Renaissance.



    Camie Salaz - B. 1977

    The Rhodora

    Oil on canvas

    36 x 46 inches